What is Confirm?

Confirm is an information broker, established by the Queensland Government in 1989. We operate an online information system that connects to secure databases all over Australia.

Our system can retrieve all sorts of information to help you buy or sell property, conduct employment checks, look for vehicle encumbrances and file insurance claims.

We even provide secure connections to law courts throughout Queensland and Victoria, making it possible to create civil cases online.

How do I use Confirm?

To access most of our searches or information products, you’ll need to create a Confirm account. We are only able to accept registrations from individuals and organisations located within Australia.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to sign in to our system and access most of our products from our Main menu right away. Some secure products are unavailable to new users and require additional authorisation. Please review the relevant product pages to see if these restrictions may affect you.

How do I pay for searches?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for the purposes of adding funds to your account before ordering a search.

If you need to conduct a large number of searches on a regular basis, we can set up your account to receive fortnightly invoices instead. Please contact our Customer Service Centre directly on 1800 773 773 or by email at confirm@citec.com.au.

I need a copy of a Police report – can you help me?

In addition to providing online access to approved entities, we are able to offer one-off searches for crime and traffic reports in Queensland, if you have a bona fide interest in the incident. These searches must be applied for and we will conduct the search for you, pending approval.

Please contact our Customer Service Centre directly on 1800 773 773 or by email at confirm@citec.com.au for more information.