Terms and conditions


Search Extract means the information, data, copy of document image (docimage) or document extract, including ASIC Registers that are accessible by CITEC Confirm as an Information Broker through the ASIC System, or as otherwise notified by ASIC.

ASIC System means ASIC’s computer systems including all hardware and software, used to interface with the Information Broker’s system.

ASIC Registers means the registers which ASIC maintains, from time to time, pursuant to legislation.

Accuracy (Disclaimer)

  1. The Search Extracts contained in the ASIC System and ASIC Registers are based on information provided to ASIC by third parties.
  2. ASIC has not verified the accuracy, currency, reliability or completeness of the Search Extracts and makes no representation or warranty as to their accuracy, currency or reliability.
  3. ASIC will have no liability to any persons for any inaccuracy, omission, defect or error in the ASIC System or ASIC Registers.