Applicants to Note

  • Energex reserves the right to return Request for Searches unprocessed when insufficient detail or data has been provided by Applicant to positively identify the property.
  • Request for Searches, which do not apply to Energex’s area of supply will be returned un-actioned.
  • A separate search fee is required for each property held by an individual title deed. If more than one property is listed on a title deed, then a copy of the title deed must be included with the request for search form. Only one (1) fee applies in the case. We require a separate request for search form for each lot.
  • The Property/Lot is to be clearly highlighted on attached Underlying Plan.
  • It is the responsibility of the Applicant/Applicant’s client to identify the existence of any Energex overhead lines and power poles on the property.
  • Detailed information regarding property dealings, easements and/or resumption proceedings should be obtained from the Department of Environment & Resource Management Office or appropriate Authority, e.g. Department of Main Roads, etc.
  • Reponses are valid for a period of 30 calendar days.
  • This search has been performed on existing infrastructure and has not taken into consideration Energex’s future strategic plans (5-10 years). These specific searches are to be forwarded to the email address or posted attention to Network Strategy & Property Department:

    Network Strategy & Property Department
    Energex Limited
    GPO Box 1461
    QLD 4001