Terms and Conditions

Reference the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2009 and Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Rules 2009, Part four (4) Filing documents in proceeding.


26 Filing documents for minor debt claim

  1. An application or other document in a proceeding for a minor debt claim may be filed–

    1. in person; or
    2. by post.
  2. However, the document may be electronically filed in a particular office of the registry (registry office) if–

    1. the document is–
      1. prepared by an approved entity; and
      2. formatted in a way that would result in the document complying with subrule (3) if a paper copy were made of the document; and
      3. sent by electronic or computer-based means by a service provider for filing; and
    2. a practice direction prescribes the document as a document that may be electronically filed; and
    3. a practice direction prescribes the registry office as a registry office at which documents may be electronically filed.

27 Responsibility for document electronically filed

  1. An approved entity that prepares a document that is electronically filed under rule 26(2) remains responsible for the document.

For the purposes of Rule 26:

approved entity means an entity that–

  1. is either–
    1. a solicitor or firm of solicitors; or
    2. an entity approved by a practice direction to have documents electronically filed; and
  2. has an agreement with a service provider for the service provider to electronically file a document for the entity.

service provider means an entity, approved by a practice direction, to electronically file documents prepared by approved entities.

practice direction means a practice direction made under section 226 of the Act.

This agreement provides an approved entity access to the CITEC Confirm service for the electronic filing of documents to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).