Terms and Conditions

Reference the Uniform Civil Procedure Amendment Rule (No.1) 2003. The Rule amends Part 1 of Chapter 22 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999, by inserting a new Division 4 – Electronic court documents (Rules 975A to 975I). The purpose of the Rule is to enable the electronic filing of documents in Magistrates Courts. For the purposes of Rule 975B. CITEC through CITEC Confirm is an approved service provider for the purposes of electronic filing of documents.

  1. For the purposes of Rule 975B – “approved entity” means an entity that:-

    1. is either:-

      1. a solicitor or firm of solicitors; or
      2. an entity approved by a practice direction to have documents electronically filed; and
    2. has an agreement with a service provider for the service provider to electronically file a document for the entity.

This agreement provides an approved entity access to the CITEC Confirm service for the electronic filing of documents.