Customer surveys are an excellent opportunity for our clients to give their feedback on our services, our website and our Customer Service Centre.

This year’s customer survey will be open until 31 March 2017.

The value of your opinion

At CITEC Confirm, our services are always under assessment to ensure our client needs are being met. Using the feedback received from our survey, we plan to build on the strengths we have while identifying changes we can make to Confirm together with our clients.

“Each year provides us with new opportunities for innovation thanks to our clients’ input,” says Suzanne Stone, Executive Director of CITEC Confirm.

“Enhancing their overall experience with our services leads to the enhancement of CITEC Confirm as a whole.”

“Thanks to the feedback we received in our 2016 survey, many new changes have been implemented in response to our customers’ requests; with many more still to come.”

These include:

  • More manual search options and updated eFiling services
  • New services including NSW electronic contract of sale
  • Easier access to help guides for new users in our eLearning pages
  • Ongoing improvements to site navigation and design

“With each new service we add, a new door opens to more significant changes,” says Suzanne.

“These changes have been instrumental to the evolution of Confirm over 27 years, and the relationships we maintain with our customers plays a leading role in moving forward.”

Customer support is invaluable to us

We’re also happy to hear of the experiences clients have had with our Customer Service Centre. As the primary source of support to our users, hearing back from people who use the service is always informative.

Here are some of the comments we received from last year’s survey:

I have never had any issue in receiving information. Staff that I have spoken to are friendly and efficient.

The online ability to obtain searches was very efficient and immediate. Assistance provided by CITEC Confirm staff over the phone was excellent as they were very helpful and patient.

Website is straightforward and easy to use and the response time is excellent!

Growing and improving one step at a time

Suzanne acknowledges “Our client base includes a diverse range of industries, and every customer has their own individual needs.”

“The customer survey provides a unique opportunity to engage with each CITEC Confirm clients from all areas of business and the community. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this survey, and how we can further improve our service to our clients.”