Our first release of the welcome hub will make it easier to find what you need.

We’d like to introduce our new welcome hub, which will replace our Newsflash page in CITEC Confirm. The hub will provide you with important updates about our system, services and your account as soon as you log in.

Director of CITEC Confirm, Ashley Booth, discussed how feedback and user testing informed the design of the new hub.

‘Our customers told us that it isn’t easy to navigate and find important information on our website,’ Ashley said.

‘So we started from scratch, designing a new hub that we tested with several user groups.’

‘User testing was a great way to better understand how our customers interacted with our website. We were able to identify issues immediately and refine the design to deliver a much better user experience.’

Ashley also spoke about what we’re working on in the coming months for the welcome hub.

‘We’ll continue to add additional features to enhance the hub and personalise your experience,’ he commented.