Our updated, easy-to-use South Australian land searches are available now.

As with our previous online searches, you’ll find a fresh new look, easier navigation and instant results delivered direct to your inbox.

These online searches give you immediate access to important information about a property, such as:

  • recent and historical title activity
  • constraints
  • sales information
  • valuation information
  • dealings
  • plans.

Keep reading to learn more about each updated search and how you can use the property information.

Obtain sales, valuation, and building details

Title details search

You can use the title details search to:

  • confirm current property ownership and share portions before you list a property for sale
  • inform a valuation.

Title details may include past sales information (if available), valuation numbers and constraints.

Title and valuation package and Valuation details search

If you’re appraising or valuing a property, a title and valuation package can provide:

  • previous property valuations and sales details
  • building details from valuations.

The result also shows ownership details, constraints and parcel details.

A Valuation details search provides you with valuation, parcel and owner details.

Identify details about constraints

Dealing image search

Dealing image searches provide an imaged copy of a registered dealing image, which is a transaction that has been recorded on a title. Some example imaged dealings available are:

  • easements
  • encumbrances
  • caveats.

Dealing details search

A Dealing details search helps you find key details about a dealing, such as lodgement dates and the benefitting party.

You can use this search to obtain details on a dealing that may not be registered and retrieve party names for deposited Power of Attorney dealings.

Identify boundaries and locate easements

Plan image search

A Plan image search provides an imaged copy of original survey plans that shows the:

  • dimensions, area and location of properties
  • other information surveyors may require.

Verify previous and recent title details

Title history search

A Title history search provides a list of all registered dealings that have been lodged over a certificate of title or Crown lease since it was first issued.

The title history search result also shows:

  • status (current/cancelled)
  • dealing numbers
  • dealing types.

Check search

A check search enables you to check dealings, plans or priority notices on a title before settlement. These include any registered, unregistered, or completed dealings associated with a title that have been completed in the last 90 days.

Further information

To find out more about specific searches, read our SA land search support pages.

You can also view our updated SA land searches – user guide.

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