Celebrate home ownership with a Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate.

To help celebrate home ownership, you can now order Victorian Commemorative Title Certificates through Confirm.

Buying a home is a major milestone, but how do you remember this moment without a special keepsake.

To fulfill this, Victorian Land Registry Services have developed Victorian Commemorative Title Certificates, an Australian-first innovation to celebrate this special occasion.

This high-quality certificate includes:

  • Victorian State Government Coat of Arms and state logo
  • Registrar of Titles signature
  • owner name/s
  • issue date
  • unique volume and folio generated from the title register
  • embossed stamp details
  • official Victorian seals
  • land description.

The unique title certificate is the perfect addition to a home whether you’re a homeowner, a friend/family member of a homeowner or a business that assists in the settlement process.

Prices start from $63 for unframed certificates and $103 for framed certificates (excludes delivery fee).

Please note that the certificate is not a legal document and cannot be used in place of a certificate of title for any legal purposes. Read more about the Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate on our product support page.

Before you can purchase a Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate through us, you’ll need to create an account. After logging in, simply select ‘VIC Conveyancing’ from the Main menu and then select the ‘Property certificates search’.

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