Commemorative title certificates

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How do I search for a Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate?

To search for a Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate, follow these steps after you log into Confirm:

  1. Go to the Main Menu and select ‘Vic Conveyancing’ and then ‘Property Certificates Search’.
  2. Select the criteria to search for your property – Street Address, Volume/Folio Number, Lot on Plan, Council Property Number, Standard Parcel Identifier, or Crown Allotment.
  3. Include the required details.
  4. Once you’ve confirmed the property details, select ‘Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate’ on the next screen and complete the rest of your order.

What is the Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate?

The Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate is a new offering to make the pride of property ownership tangible in this digital world.

It is an authentic replica certificate of title available to property owners in Victoria.

Show me a sample of the design.

What information is contained on the Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate?

All Victorian commemorative title certificates include:

  • volume and folio numbers
  • tenancy type (sole / joint / common)
  • proprietor name/s
  • issue date
  • the signature of the registrar
  • official Victorian seals
  • land description.

What design options are available?

The Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate comes in an authentic design. This is inspired and based upon late 19th century Victorian titles and comes with a wenge walnut frame.

No, a Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate isn’t a legal document and can’t be used in place of a certificate of title for any legal purposes.

Where are the materials sourced from?

The certificate is made in Melbourne, and the framed versions use Australian hardwood.

Where can the certificate be posted to?

Victorian Commemorative Title Certificates can be posted to any Australian residential address, excluding PO boxes. International shipping isn’t available.

How long does an order take to ship?

To deliver to a specified address, orders take up to:

  • 5 business days for Melbourne metro and other Australian capital cities
  • 10 business days for regional Victoria
  • 15 days for other regional areas.

Can I track my order?

As soon as your Victorian Commemorative Title Certificate is prepared, you’ll receive tracking details from the delivery provider – Startrack.

Why have I received an index search fee charge for my order?

When you search with a volume/folio reference, the property you search for could be a parent title. This can occur in situations like if the property is larger or older.

You may incur an index search fee to select an additional title related to the parent title. This charge will occur because of the need to locate a specific volume/folio for the additional title.

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