What are the benefits of using notifications?

  • You’ll have the information to promptly register claims for restitution.
  • You can quickly locate the police station that is holding the recovered property, which you hold subrogation rights for.

What information will the notifications screen provide?

If you’ve recorded a subrogation interest in a crime or property item, with a notification list, you’ll receive an automatic notification about:

  • property recovery
  • solved crime.

When you select the notifications option, you’ll receive a customised list of changes to interests for your account code.

When do charges apply for notifications?

The notifications input screen will display the number of current notifications for your entire account. If you don’t proceed with your search, you can return to the menu, and charges won’t apply.

If you decide to proceed, enter your reference and click $ Search $. The notifications summary will display. A charge applies at this point.

What other information do notification summaries provide?

The summaries provide the following information:

  • advice if a crime is solved
  • advice of the class and type of recovered property item
  • claim number
  • crime report number.

If you click the ‘+’ icon, which appears next to each crime incident number, you can view:

  • date/time of the crime
  • reporting station
  • division
  • class of crime
  • complainant
  • location of crime
  • crime status
  • class, type and claim numbers for individual property items.

How do I find out where the recovered property is being held or which police station solved the crime?

From the notifications summary, you can click ‘Order updated crime report’ and receive an updated crime report for a reduced follow-up fee. This report states:

  • which police station solved the crime
  • recovered property location.

How do I stop getting notifications?

You can select ‘Remove recovered property interests’ (which appears immediately above each property item) to stop them appearing in future notification lists.

You can also remove your interest in the crime. Removing a crime interest will stop crime solved notifications for that crime.

To remove interests on only property items:

  1. Select ‘Subrogations’.
  2. Enter the claim/file number or the crime number.
  3. Select ‘Remove interest’.

Make sure you remove interests once you’ve viewed the notifications summary. Otherwise, the interests continue to display as current notifications.

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View our Qld property crime reports user guide for more information on how to use.