NSW electronic contract of sale

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What is an electronic contract of sale (eCOS)?

The NSW electronic contract of sale (eCOS) allows you to generate an editable PDF document to prepare a contract for sale and purchase of land for a property.

The generated eCOS document is pre‐filled and watermarked with the address details of the property.

How do I create a NSW eCOS?

The eCOS is available via the NSW lands menu and from the national settlement services menu, under ‘Other settlement services’.

To order an eCOS:

  1. Enter a matter/file reference and the address of the property.
  2. Click ‘Purchase’ to complete your order.

Ensure that the property address details are correct before you click ‘Purchase’, as these details will be watermarked on the generated document and can’t be changed.

How do I retrieve my eCOS?

Once the eCOS document generates, it’ll be stored in your intelli‐Doc. Go to ‘View my results (intelli‐Doc)’ on the NSW lands menu or the national settlement services menu.

To search for orders, use the date range, keyword and file reference fields.

You can also email or save documents.

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