What is a CITEC Confirm profile?

Some Confirm services don’t provide results immediately online. Your profile contains delivery information to use when requesting these services.

The delivery address you store in your profile is also used to email online search results.

Can I have more than one profile?

Yes, you can have more than one profile. If you operate from several offices, separate profiles can help direct results to the desired location.

To differentiate between several profiles, add details to the ‘Profile reference’ field such as location (for example, ‘Jason Smith – Brisbane’ and ‘Jason Smith – Gold Coast’).

Why should I set up a default profile?

A default profile can speed up your work when you often use the same profile.

To set one, either select the checkbox:

  • after choosing your profile for an order that needs delivery
  • on the screen to update your profile.

Only one profile can be your default.

How do I create, update or delete profiles?

An option to update your delivery profile is on the Account information page. This will take you to the Profiles screen, where you can create, update or delete profiles.

Create your profile

Select New and complete the details. To use an existing profile as a template for your new profile, select Copy on that profile and update as you need.

Update your profile

Choose the relevant profile, select Modify and update as you need.


Choose the relevant profile and select Delete.

What if I need to use certain delivery details only once?

You can use certain delivery details only once if you need. Simply fill in the details in the ‘Delivery of this order’ section for the relevant order.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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