Sub folio inquiry

What is a sub folio inquiry?

A NSW sub folio inquiry allows you to search for the details of life estates and share titles using a base title reference.

What information will I get from a sub folio inquiry?

By entering a base title reference, you’ll receive a list of related sub folio lots as well as their status and share details.

Sub folios have a lot/DP (or lot/section/DP or lot/SP) identifier followed by one or more letters. For example, a sub folio may be 100/20002A, 100/20002B or 100/20002C.

Suffixes display at the end of share titles to uniquely identify each share in a sub folio.

View a sample sub folio inquiry result.

What is the correct format for a sub folio inquiry?

Base title references for a NSW sub folio inquiry must be either:

  • lot in a DP (for example, 1/123, 1234/5678/123456)
  • lot in a SP (for example, 1/SP12345).

You can’t search for the following title formats:

  • volume and folio references corresponding to either manual or auto‐consolidated titles (for example, 12345-123)
  • common property in strata schemes (for example, CP/SP12345)
  • community property within lot 1 in community plans (that is, DPs in the range 270001 – 280000) – for example, 1/270123
  • precinct property within lot 1 in precinct plans (that is, DPs in the range 280001 – 285000) – for example, 1/280123
  • neighbourhood property within Lot 1 in neighbourhood plans (that is, DPs in the range 285001 – 300000) – for example, 1/285123
  • water access licences (for example, WAL123).

How do I receive my result?

The result displays immediately and is available in your Confirm inbox. You can also choose to receive your result via email.

To access your Confirm inbox, follow the links in the Confirm header. You can revisit your result anytime within 28 days without incurring an extra cost.

For more information on how to use your Confirm inbox, visit our Getting started page.

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