Bulk upload

Access to our bulk upload service is generally restricted to local governments or agencies with responsibility for parking or traffic infringements. Online access is heavily restricted and subject to special conditions.

How many searches can I do at once?

The upload file can contain at most 5,000 searches.

What format should the upload file be in?

The input file format should be in CSV (comma separated values). For more information on formatting your file, refer to our support page.

What if I use the same upload file twice?

Duplicate file uploads will result in a warning message.

How long do bulk searches take to process?

The results are available within a few minutes.

What does the search status in your Confirm inbox mean?

Your Confirm inbox shows the following search statuses:


The Department of Transport and Main Roads has received the file. Once your search is complete (within a few minutes), the search status will update to Available/Completed.


The search is complete. If you have any results, you can access them.

How can I view my results?

You can access your results in CSV format from your Confirm inbox. For more information on how to use your Confirm inbox, refer to our support page.

How can I view my result errors?

From the bulk upload result summary, select ‘Show errors’.

What if my upload file has an error after a test bulk search?

Any errors in the upload file format will display on the test bulk enquiry results screen.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Our Customer Service Centre is here to help you between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone 1800 773 773
Email confirm@citec.com.au

For more information on how to search, view our Qld Motor Vehicle Register user guide.