Bulk upload format

Access to our bulk upload service is generally restricted to local governments or agencies with responsibility for parking or traffic infringements. Online access is heavily restricted and subject to special conditions.

How do I use the Qld motor vehicle register bulk upload?

The Qld motor vehicle register (QMVR) bulk upload takes an input file containing one or more search queries and produces an output file containing a matching result for each query.

Note the following upload requirements:

  • The input file name is limited to 64 characters including the file extension, and the file is limited to 5,000 rows.
  • Each enquiry in the input file should be on a separate line.
  • The input file needs to be in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format.
  • Any field which itself contains a comma should have the entire field bounded by quotation marks
    – for example, field1text,”field2text,field2text”,field3text.
  • Optional fields can contain no values; however, a comma must exist to indicate a blank field
    – for example, field1text,,field2text.
  • In the output file, you can include two secondary customer segment records. If none exist, the entire segment will omit.
  • Within each customer segment, you can include up to two addresses for an individual and up to three addresses for an organisation.

How should I format the input file?

Column number Data element Type Field length Mandatory/
1 Registration number Text 8 M N/A
2 State Text 3 O Must be Qld. If left blank, Qld applies.
3 Check digit Text 1 O Must be the correct plate check digit. Otherwise validation will fail.
4 Search date Date 8 O Date of alleged offence, which displays as YYYYMMDD. If left blank, the current date will apply.
5 Declaration indicator Text 1 O Must be blank.
6 Customer reference Text 15 O Client customer identifier.
7 Request date Date 8 M Date the CSV input file was created. Displays as YYYYMMDD.
8 Ticket number Text 10 O Offence ticket number. The output file contains this number on the result entry.

How will the output file format?

Two output file formats are available:

  1. standard
  2. expanded.

Both return as CSV files.

Standard format

By default, all clients receive an output file in the standard format.

For more information on this file format, please contact our Customer Service Centre at confirm@citec.com.au or on 1800 773 773.

Expanded format

Authorised clients (for example local government authorities) have access to the expanded format. Existing users of the standard format need to amend their processes to accept this format.

To obtain a copy of the expanded output file format, please contact our Customer Service Centre at confirm@citec.com.au or on 1800 773 773.

View the full list of code and descriptions.

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For more information on how to search, view our Qld Motor Vehicle Register user guide.