What is a CITEC Confirm UserID?

A UserID is a unique identifier that applies to individuals, who are associated with your account code. It typically combines an individual’s surname and initials (for example, BROSAL for Sally Brown).

Individuals sign in using the account code and their unique UserID and password.

What are the benefits of linking UserIDs to my account?

UserIDs link to each transaction on your account, so you can better monitor account use based on individuals.

In addition, usage reports display an extra column containing the UserID to help reconcile transactions against your invoice. These reports are restricted to account administrators only, providing greater security over account and usage information.

To learn more about usage reports, refer to our support page.

Individuals with UserIDs can also set their own delivery profiles for document ordering. The default profile they use prefills their email address for online search results as well. Learn more on our Profiles support page.

How can I set up UserIDs for my account?

To set up UserIDs for your account, please contact our Customer Service Centre at or on 1800 773 773.

What are the differences between the Administrator and the User?

The Administrator maintains and manages accounts and user access. On the other hand, the User is someone who uses Confirm products/services but doesn’t have administrative access.

How do I maintain user details?

Depending on your account type, you’ll access the option to maintain UserIDs differently. Most administrators can maintain UserIDs via Account Information, available from the Confirm header.

The Administrator can:

  • create new users
  • create additional administrators
  • change/update user details
  • reset user passwords
  • deactivate inactive users
  • reactivate users
  • modify their account details.

If your account is fully customised, you can maintain UserIDs via the Group Administration page. Fully customised access is an account structure where you can have the menu customised, so users can access only those searches relevant to their area.

Do UserIDs display on usage reports?

Yes, when an individual signs in with a UserID, their transaction records contain that UserID (including daily and monthly usage reports).

For more information on usage reports, refer to our support page.

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