Add or Change Party

What is the ‘Add or Change Party or associations’ option?

These functions allow you to file a document that adds or changes a party or the practitioner associated with an existing case.

This includes adding counterclaim party types. You can file the following documents via the below functions.

Document type Documents filed
Amendments Amended Writ (2AMW)*
Amended Originating motion (2AOM)*
Amended Counterclaim (2ACC)*
Amended Defence and Counterclaim (2ADCF)*
Amended Third Party Notice (2ATP)*
Appearances Notice of Appearance – Instruments Act (2NOAI)
Notice of Appearance Expedited Serious Injury List (2NOAX)
Notice of Change of Practitioner (2CHP)
Notice of Appearance (2NOA)
Notice of Appearance Counterclaim (2CNA)
Notice Solicitor Acting (2NSA)
Notice of Third Party Appearance (2TNA)*
Counterclaims Counterclaim (2CCF)*
Defence and Counterclaim (2DCF)*
Counterclaim – New Defendant (2CND)*
Other new parties Third Party Notice (2TNF)
Fourth Party Notice (2FPN)*

If you’re filing one of these substantive documents, you’ll receive a reminder to file the appropriate certification. You may file the certification via Additional filing.

This list may change at any time, as advised by the County Court of Victoria.

What information can’t be changed using Add or Change Party?

You cannot modify some case information using Add or Change Party. Except by order of the court, you cannot change the:

  • case type
  • court location.

In addition, you cannot delete parties.

Should I append suffixes to the plaintiff or defendant surname or organisation name?

You don’t need to manually add name suffix information to the surname or organisation name fields. When changing party details for a plaintiff or defendant, extra fields will display which allow you to provide:

  • ABN
  • alias
  • former name
  • former trading name
  • litigation guardian
  • as executor of the estate of
  • as administrator of
  • as trustee of.

You can only enter the litigation guardian when modifying plaintiff details.

What information do I need when lodging documents that add my solicitor’s firm to a case?

To associate your firm to a case, you must:

  • file the appropriate document
  • select the case party you are associated with/representing.

For example, the court requires that:

  • When lodging a Notice of Appearance filed or Notice of Appearance Expedited Serious Injury List, at least one defendant must be associated to a practitioner.
  • When lodging a Notice of Appearance Counterclaim filed, at least one counterclaim plaintiff party or counterclaim defendant must have an associated practitioner.
  • When lodging a Third Party Appearance filed, at least one third party must have an associated practitioner.
  • When lodging a Notice of Solicitor Acting filed, at least one plaintiff or defendant (whoever does not have a solicitor at the time of filing) must have an associated practitioner.

Do any charges apply for editing case details?

Charges only apply when a document is successfully lodged with the court.

How will the court fee be determined for an Add or change party document?

Refer to County Court of Victoria eFiling overview for more information.

Do changes to case details take effect immediately?

Where the lodged document needs review by the court, the filing will remain in a ‘Pending’ status until the review is complete. Once the filing is accepted, the document and case details will be recorded in the County Court of Victoria database.

If the filed document doesn’t need review, the case details and document file immediately.

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