Street address search

This search will return the title reference for the street address you enter.

The title reference will have one of the following formats:

  • for a deposited plan – lot/plan, for example 20/20424 or lot/section/plan, for example 12/55/700123
  • for a strata plan – CP/SPxxxxx, for example CP/SP12345.

View a sample street address search result.

How do I enter street address details correctly?

The suburb is the baseline for this search. Once you enter a valid suburb, a list of related streets will appear.

To speed your search up, you should enter at least the first letter(s) of the suburb or street and use the links to assist with entries.

What if I am unsure of which suburb/town the property is in?

Results return for the suburb/town you select and all adjacent areas with the same postcode.

Can I use a wildcard in my search criteria?

No wildcard character features in this search.

When selecting a suburb, enter at least the first two characters. This will return all suburbs starting with those exact characters.


  • Entering ‘Ma’ returns Mabins Well, Macarthur Square, Macdonalds Creek, and so on.
  • Entering ‘Manly’ returns Manly, Manly East, Manly Vale, and so on.
  • Entering ‘Manly East’ returns Manly East.

Do I have to enter a street name?

Once you enter a valid suburb, click ‘Select street’, and a list of streets in the suburb will display.

Can I search for a unit or floor numbers?

You cannot use unit or floor numbers. A street address search for a strata plan can only return the common property.

What are the rules for matching street numbers?

If you don’t supply a street number, all title references in that street that don’t have street numbers will return.

In addition, if you request ‘13’, all street numbers containing 13 will return, for example 13, 13A, 13–15, or 1–25.

However, if you request 13A, all street numbers that exactly match will return.

What information do I get in my result?

You’ll receive a list of matches for the street address searched.

From this screen, you can conduct a title or a historical title search on the required property address via the relevant links. Please note that these searches incur extra charges.

How will I receive my result?

The result of a search displays immediately and is available in your Confirm inbox. You can choose to receive the result via email.

To access your inbox, follow the links in the CITEC Confirm header. You can revisit this result in the inbox anytime within 28 days without incurring an extra cost.

For more information on how to use the inbox, visit Getting started.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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View our NSW land searches user guide for more information on how to search.