Document search

You can obtain copies of registered documents from a WA land document search. Some documents you can order include:

  • caveats
  • transfers
  • mortgages.

View a sample transfer document.

What search criteria should I use for a document search?

You’ll need to enter a valid document number and your reference.

For Year Documents, you’ll also need to select the document type. Document numbers display on a title, which you can obtain through a title search.

View more information on the search requirements below.

Field name Valid criteria
Document number Unique number allocated to each document filed in the WA land registry system.

For non-year documents, the number should be a letter followed by a number between one to six digits, for example D123456.

Year Document numbers should be:

  • one to six digits followed by a forward slash (/)
  • followed by a year value between 1875 and 1969 inclusive.

(for example, 3/1963).

Document type Only required if you’re ordering a Year Document. Use the dropdown to select a document type.
Page options As documents can contain large numbers of pages, you can use the ‘Page options’ field to narrow down returned results to:

  • all pages
  • default pages.

How long should it take to receive results?

Most results are available immediately online.

Some searches may proceed to a manual process. You’ll receive manually processed results via email within three business days.

How do I view the results?

Results display onscreen and are also available from the Confirm inbox for 30 calendar days.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Our Customer Service Centre is here to help you between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone 1800 773 773

View our WA land searches user guide for more information on how to search.