NSW electronic duties returns stamping and confirmation

What is NSW electronic duties returns (EDR) stamping and confirmation?

NSW electronic duties returns (EDR) stamping and confirmation is a portal that the NSW Office of State Revenue (NSW OSR) provides. The service allows an approved person (EDR client) to:

  • electronically assess and endorse a range of duties transactions
  • pay duty through a periodic remittance.

What services can I request?

The following EDR services are available:

  • document stamping
  • notice of assessment reissue
  • return period summary
  • cancellation of duties assessment.

How do I get access to EDR?

You can only perform EDR transactions via CITEC Confirm if:

  • NSW OSR has approved you as an EDR client.
  • You complete the request for access page via CITEC Confirm.

How do I become an EDR client with NSW OSR?

If NSW OSR hasn’t approved your access to EDR, you can apply online on the OSR website.

Please ensure you enter our OSR EDR partner, GlobalX, as your EDR client service provider when applying online.

Once you’ve registered with NSW OSR, provide us with the following details we discuss in the below question.

How do I complete the request for access screen?

If your Confirm account doesn’t have access to these services, a Request for access screen will show when you attempt to use a service. Simply complete this form.

You’ll receive an email from our Customer Service Centre once access has been enabled.

You need an invoiced account to receive access to these services.

If you’re unsure whether your CITEC Confirm account is invoiced or prepaid, or you would like to set up an invoiced account, please contact our Customer Service Centre on confirm@citec.com.au or 1800 773 773.

I’m getting an error message when I try to access a service

If you’re receiving an error message, please contact us on 1800 773 773 or confirm@citec.com.au.

I’m an EDR client. What do I do now?

If you’re an EDR client, we can enable access to the EDR online services. Complete the details on the request for access page that displays when you attempt to use the service.

When is EDR available?

  • Monday to Friday: 7am – 11pm
  • Saturday: 7am – 2pm

How will I receive my results?

Results are available online immediately. You can also receive a copy of your results via email.

All EDR results are available via intelli‐Doc, which is located on the National settlement services menu under ‘View my results (intelli‐Doc)’. From here, you can download, email or reprint results.

Where can I find a list of documents that can be processed via EDR?

The NSW OSR duties document matrix identifies:

  • documents that must be processed on EDR
  • documents that can be processed on EDR
  • general list of transactions that you can only lodge with NSW OSR.

What is the notice of assessment reissue?

A notice of assessment can only be reissued if you processed the original assessment. To request a reissue, enter the OSR reference number.

The duties notice of assessment is a dynamic document that displays the total amount payable (if any) and any payments that OSR has received. If NSW OSR hasn’t received full payment when you order the reissue, the outstanding duty and any accrued interest will display.

What is the return period invoice?

The return period invoice details the total tax payable (duty and interest) for a specified return period. The invoice updates when NSW OSR receive any payment associated with an assessment for that specified return period.

Each invoice consists of three assessment schedules that detail the assessments transacted during the specified return period. At the end of each return period you must request the invoice to ensure accurate reconciliation.

Each invoice has a payment slip, which reflects the total tax payable and the due date for payment. Use this payment slip if you make an electronic payment for the total amount payable.

What is cancellation of duties assessment?

This service allows you to cancel duties assessments online.

An EDR transaction may require cancellation due to a data entry error, duplicate transaction, or if a settlement fails. NSW OSR provides a withdrawal of duties notice of assessment once your cancellation is processed.

All cancelled transactions must have the duty stamp related to the cancelled transaction on the documents. A cancelled transaction cannot be reinstated.

What transactions can’t I cancel online?

  • That you didn’t process (only an EDR approval holder who processed the transaction can cancel it)
  • Where payment has been made
  • For a new home grant
  • Where the document has been lodged with NSW Land Registry Services
  • That has been verified through PEXA
  • That relates to a rescinded contract of sale of land or a failed instrument

Where can I find more information on how to use EDR?

For more detailed information, refer to:

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