Multipower express search

You can do a multipower express search on companies and receive a report that combines:

  • current ASIC company extract
  • search of public record data on the company
  • where available, an Equifax on-file company search.
  • search of the directors’ commercial files
  • credit score based on the above information (only PTY, PTY LTD and business entities can receive a score).

Organisations under a strike-off action will not produce a score.

We recommend you use the multipower express search if you’re a small to medium size organisation.

How are credit scores calculated?

Credit scores analyse over 250 characteristics according to industry-accepted and proven statistical processes. The Equifax multipower express scorecard outlines key contributing factors impacting on the assessment such as:

  • history of type of credit sought
  • number of enquiries
  • shopping pattern
  • company information
  • age of file and pattern of enquiries
  • industry characteristics
  • director derogatory information
  • default information
  • court writ information.

What information should I enter as search criteria?

Use either the ACN/ARBN or ABN.

What if I don’t know the ACN/ARBN or ABN?

On the menu, select ‘ASIC Organisational Search’.

Please note that the browse is a free search. Ordering organisational extracts will result in a charge.

What if no result returns for my search?

If no results match the criteria you’ve entered, a message will display advising of an invalid ACN/ARBN or ABN, and no charge will apply.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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