Title tracking

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Final search statements list the current status and location (within the Victorian Land Registry) of any unregistered dealings that affect a title from the previous 125 days.

View a sample final search result.

For titles and instruments, the issue search identifies the last issue date of a duplicate document and the party it was issued to.

View a sample issue search result.

This search can determine whether a duplicate title is available or has been nominated by the controlling party before lodging a dealing.

View a sample prelodgement search result.

A dealing search enables you to determine the progress (status) of a dealing within the Victorian Land Registry.

It will show the status, location, processing state, controlling party details and relevant dates for a nominated dealing number.

View a sample dealing search result.

This search identifies each title that an instrument affects. The result includes:

  • instrument type
  • registration date
  • whether instrument is imaged
  • relevant title/s by volume and folio.

It will show the status, location, processing state, controlling party details and relevant dates for a nominated dealing number.

View a sample titles affected by instrument search result.

A historical search returns a statement with the following information, where applicable:

  • folio creation details
  • record of Victorian Online Title System (VOTS) dealings
  • image of paper title
  • record of Automated Land Title System (ALTS) dealings
  • VOTS Snapshot.

Significant information such as previous land descriptions and proprietorship details may also appear on the historical search statement.

View a sample historical search result.

What is the difference between ALTS and VOTS?

The process of automating all titles began in 1989 using the Automated Land Titles System (ALTS), with the most recent information on each paper title being captured and transferred to the new system.

From this point on, the paper titles were not updated but rather the ALTS was updated. This continued until 2001.

The Victorian Online Titles System (VOTS) replaced ALTS. All activities since December 2001 are updated in VOTS.

What is a VOTS snapshot?

The VOTS snapshot was created before the first VOTS update, or on creation of a new folio in VOTS. This snapshot provides a point in time overview of the folio including:

  • details of land description
  • registered proprietor/s
  • encumbrances
  • caveats
  • notices and diagram location details.

Please note that this is historical information. You need to complete a title search to retrieve the most current information.

Can I retrieve historical details prior to 1989?

For titles created before 1989, you can obtain a complete historical search. To obtain a copy, select the link at the end of the historical search statement.

How will I receive my search results?

All results return in PDF format. Results for titles return online immediately, while image requests return within a few minutes. The exact processing time will depend on the number of pages in the images.

For images, while they’re processed, the result link on the multi search results page will display as ‘In progress’. You can select ‘In progress’ before all images return to begin viewing your images from the result summary.

Select the individual links in the ‘Your results’ section to individually view images.

All results are also available in the Confirm inbox for up to 30 calendar days.

Some pages may take longer to download than others. Don’t resubmit the search while the results download.

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