Imaged documents

What information will I get from an imaged document?

Scanned images of titles, plans and dealings are all available to order via the imaged documents search. Most documents are available online within minutes, in PDF format.

Some older documents have not yet been scanned, but you can still order and receive them online. These older non-imaged documents receive manual scanning, as they’re ordered via the ‘Scan on demand’ service.

Documents processed through ‘Scan on demand’ generally take only a few hours, during business hours, to return online.

View a sample:

What should I know about document types?

A variety of different document types are available to search. These include the following:

Document type Description
DL Dealing
DP Deposited plan
SP Strata plan
BK ADIS book and number
CT Cancelled title
CP Crown plan
PA Primary application
PM SCIMS permanent mark
SS SCIMS state survey
TS SCIMS trig station
MM SCIMS miscellaneous mark

NSW Land Registry Services collects a copyright fee for these plan types. The fees for the plan and the copyright fee will appear as two separate transactions on your usage report.

What is an ADIS document number?

When retrieving Automated Deeds Indexing System (ADIS) imaged documents, you need to use a document number for the search criteria. The correct format for an ADIS document number is:

  • ADIS book (4 digits)
  • followed by the ADIS number (3 digits).

For example, ADIS book 4123 followed by ADIS number 456 creates the document number 4123456.


The document number must be 7 digits in length. If the ADIS number is fewer than 3 digits, you need to supplement the missing digits with zeros.

ADIS book ADIS number Document number
4123 45 4123045

When you enter 1000 as the ADIS number, you need to remove the thousands digit and enter the number as 000.

ADIS book ADIS number Document number
4123 1000 4123000

We can only supply information for ADIS books 4000 and above.

How do I order a copy of a bill of sale?

To obtain a copy of a bill of sale:

  1. Select ADIS book and number from the imaged document type list.
  2. Enter the document number for the required bill of sale.

What should I know about document subtypes?

Document subtypes only return for deposited and strata plans. You can search on available subtypes throughout your search.

Valid document subtypes are below:

Document type Description
  • DP plan
  • DP 88B
  • DP contract
  • DP management statement
  • DP pipeline form
  • SP plan
  • SP 88B
  • SP contract
  • SP management statement
  • SP developer by-laws

Only documents with available document subtypes are available to select.

How will I receive my result?

Images available online will generally take a few minutes to return and will be available from your inbox. You can also choose to receive a result via email.

To access your inbox, follow the links in the CITEC Confirm header. You can revisit this result in the inbox anytime within 28 days without incurring an extra cost.

NSW Land Registry Services manually scans and returns older documents that aren’t imaged. The manual scanning process will take a minimum of several hours to return the imaged document, or next business day for after-hours requests.

Please allow for one business day before you contact us if you’ve not received your result.

For more information on how to use the inbox, visit Getting started.

You cannot receive images larger than 5 MB via email due to their large size.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Our Customer Service Centre is here to help you between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone 1800 773 773

View our NSW land searches user guide for more information on how to search.