Professional register search

What information will I get from a professional register extract?

A professional register extract will include information on an individual such as:

  • place of practice
  • companies in which they have a recorded role
  • role(s) held
  • company address
  • date(s) of appointment and cessation.

View a sample professional register extract.

What roles are recorded in an extract?

For a full list of the roles that may be in a professional register extract, refer to the ‘Officer roles for registers’ section on the Codes support page.

What registers are available for an extract?

The registers available include:

  • futures brokers
  • futures advisers
  • investment advisers
  • official liquidators
  • registered liquidators
  • security dealers.

The list of registered auditors isn’t available via this service, but you can access a registered auditors list via the ASIC website.

How does the search find results by name?

A search by name is based on the letters you provide. For example, if you enter ‘SM’, the result will list all names starting with ‘SM’ (for example, Small, Smith, or Smithers).

The number of results per search is unlimited. Refine your criteria before you submit the search to narrow your matches.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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For more information on how to search, view our ASIC and business name searches user guide.