Land descriptions

Valid plan descriptions

Abbreviation Meaning
BPA BUP of amalgamation
BRP BUP of resubdivision
BUP Building unit plan
CP Crown plan
GRP GTP of resubdivision
GTA GTP of amalgamation
GTP Group titles plan
LB Lower BUP
MCP Mixed community plan
MPP Mixed precinct plan
MSP Mixed stratum plan
RP Registered plan
SBA Leasehold BUP (South Bank)
SBP Leasehold BUP (South Bank)
SP Survey plan
SPA SP of amalgamation (South Bank)
SPS SP of subdivision (South Bank)
SRP Leasehold BUP (South Bank)
SSP Stratum plan (South Bank)
UB Upper BUP

In a community titles scheme, BUPs and GTPs are referred to as Building Format Plans (BFP) and Standard Format Plans (SFP).

Any plan without a prefix on the valid plan type list is likely to be a crown plan (CP). CP is a plan type that can be used with a variety of plans that originally related to state land, such as road licences, deeds of grant and mining (perpetual homestead) leases.

CPs may include lots with letters. You should always exclude these from your search criteria.


Each Automated Titles System (ATS) title has a unique 8-digit reference. Titles created since the introduction of the ATS have a sequential reference.

Pre-ATS titles received a new reference when the automated system captured them. The references use the following rules.

The first digit identifies the type of title as per the list below, digits 2-5 identify the volume number and digits 6-8 identify the folio number. Zeros are used to replace missing digits in the volume and folio numbers.

  1. Title from the Brisbane Registry
  2. Title from the former Townsville Registry
  3. Title from the former Rockhampton Registry
  4. State Tenure or Deed of Grant
  5. All new titles after ATS became live

For example, reference 12345006 is 1/2345/006 or Brisbane/volume 2345/folio 6.


Each ATS dealing has a unique 9-digit identifier. Pre-ATS dealings received a new reference when the automated system captured them.

Dealing numbers are all sequential, with the first number distinguishing between converted pre-ATS dealings (6) and post-ATS dealings (7). For example, the first pre-ATS dealing captured by the ATS had the number 600000001, and the first dealing lodged directly into the ATS had the number 700000001.

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