Survey reports

A survey report search provides information for new and established cadastral boundaries.

View a sample survey report.

What search criteria should I use to order a survey report?

To order a survey report, you need a plan reference. A plan reference comprises of a document prefix, followed by a document number, for example PS 123456.

View our document prefix listing below.

Abbreviation Description
AP Application plan
BP Boundary plan
CS Cluster plan
CP Consolidation plan
FS Forest surveys
A-S Letter plan
MS Miscellaneous plan
OP Original plan (crown)
PC Plan of consolidation (Subdivision Act 1988 Victoria)
LP Plan of subdivision
PS Plan of subdivision (Subdivision Act 1988 Victoria)
RA Road alignment
RE Re-establishment plan
RP Strata plan
SP Strata plan
TP Title plan
YF Yearly field notes (crown)

Can I save my order and finish later?

You can save your order and finish it later via the ‘Save, finish later’ button. After you select this button, your order saves in the Confirm inbox with the status set to ‘Saved’.

Select the order from the inbox to resume it.

How long are saved orders stored?

Orders you save for later are available for 7 calendar days from the Confirm inbox. After this time, the ‘Saved’ order status will change to ‘Expired’.

You’ll need to resubmit the order if you wish to complete it.

All orders with a ‘Saved’ status will automatically change to ‘Expired’ in the Confirm inbox at midnight on 30 June every year.

How long should it take for results to return?

For a full list of turnaround times from each authority, please see Vic conveyancing turnaround times.

How and when will my results be available?

Results will return via email and be available in the Confirm inbox for up to 90 calendar days.

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