Settlement bookings and services

How do I get access to these services?

If your account doesn’t have access to these services, a Request for access page will show when you attempt to use a service. Simply complete this form.

You’ll receive an email from our Customer Service Centre once access has been enabled.

You need an invoiced account to receive access to these services.

If you’re unsure whether your CITEC Confirm account is invoiced or prepaid, or you would like to set up an invoiced account, please contact our Customer Service Centre on or 1800 773 773.

I’m getting an error message when I try to access a service

If you’re receiving an error message, please contact us on 1800 773 773 or

What services are available via national settlement services?

From the National settlement services menu, you can:

  • create settlement bookings
  • search and view your existing settlement bookings
  • lodge priority notices (QLD)
  • retrieve any search results stored in intelli-Doc
  • access the PEXA platform.

You must be a registered subscriber with PEXA before you can access the PEXA platform.

For detailed instructions on how to use the system, read the Settlement services user guide.

Why do I need to create a user profile?

If you log in to the CITEC Confirm website using an account code, user ID and password, you’ll need to create a user profile. Providing your details ensures that you can be contacted about your settlement, and that any documents go to the correct postal address.

Your user profile details will be stored against a profile ID which includes the prefix ‘CNF’ and your CITEC Confirm user ID. Once your user profile is set-up, you’ll progress to the settlement service that you’ve selected.

How do I update my profile details?

To update your user profile details, contact our Customer Service Centre on or 1800 773 773.

Once the update has been made, you’ll need to go back to the National settlement services menu. This will ensure your updated details apply as you pass through to the selected settlement service.

How do I create a settlement booking?

To book a settlement:

  1. Click ‘Create a settlement booking’ from the National settlement services menu.
  2. Enter the required details and submit.

How do I provide my settlement instructions?

The ‘Instructions’ tab allows you to enter your instructions for the settlement and then generate a coversheet to attach with your documents.

If you have your own instructions template/letterhead, you can continue to use it. Simply attach your settlement instructions to the documents for settlement and send via post or Document eXchange.

The postal address for our settlements partner is on the settlement instructions coversheet. You can print your instructions on the bookings screen.

How do I amend my settlement instructions?

To amend your settlement instructions, email an updated copy of your instructions to our Customer Service Centre on and ensure you:

  • include the subject line ‘Updated Settlement Instructions attached’
  • note your Confirm account code, settlement booking order number (if known) and settlement date and time.

If you update the details using the Instructions tab, email the updated ‘Instructions’ coversheet to our Customer Service Centre.

For any changes on the day of settlement, contact our Customer Service Centre on 1800 773 773. They’ll transfer you so any last minute changes are provided to the assigned settlement clerk.

How do I amend or update my settlement booking?

You can amend or update your settlement booking online up to the day before settlement. Follow these steps to update your settlement booking:

  1. Access existing settlement bookings via ‘Search your settlement bookings’ or ‘Bookings calendar’ on the National settlement services menu.
  2. Once you locate the settlement booking, the details will display on the ‘View/Edit booking’ screen.
  3. Update the details and submit.

How do I search for an existing settlement booking?

To search for a settlement booking:

  1. Select ‘Search your settlement bookings’ from the National settlement services menu.
  2. Enter your search criteria and search.
  3. Any settlement bookings found will display onscreen. Simply click to view the details.

To view your settlement bookings in calendar view:

  1. Select ‘Bookings calendar’ from the National settlement services menu. You can view the calendar by month, week or day using the button on the top right of the screen.
  2. To view a settlement booking, click on the entry in the calendar.

When are settlement services billed to my account?

Settlement services are billed when settlement completes. The transactions will be available in the Confirm usage reports once the items are billed. Refer to account payments and reports for more information.

You can also view the billing details for completed settlements through the ‘Billing’ tab on your settlement booking. Simply look up the booking through ‘Bookings calendar’ or via ‘Search your settlement bookings’ from the National settlement services menu.

How do I access PEXA through national settlement services?

Select ‘Create a settlement booking’ from the National settlement services menu to access PEXA through us. The ‘Create booking’ screen will display, where you can register or login.

How do I register for PEXA?

Register via the PEXA website. The registration process has two parts:

  1. online registration process
  2. verification of identity (VOI).

To access the PEXA Platform through us, you must select our PEXA partner, GlobalX, as your PEXA sponsor. For more information on the registration process, go to the PEXA website.

How do I log in to PEXA?

If you’re already registered with PEXA, and have nominated our PEXA partner, GlobalX, as your PEXA sponsor, you can access PEXA through ‘Create a settlement booking’. Click ‘Login’ in the top right of the ‘Create booking’ screen.

The first time you log in, the following will occur:

  1. A pop-up window will display on the PEXA login screen to request permission for our PEXA partner, GlobalX, to link your PEXA account. Linking the account will mean that you won’t need your PEXA subscriber login details every time you log in to PEXA through the settlements screens.
  2. Next, select ‘Confirm’ to link the accounts.

The PEXA platform currently requires you to reset your password every 30 days. The PEXA login screen will display whenever your password has been reset so that you can update these details.

I have already registered with PEXA. How do I change my PEXA sponsor to access PEXA through us?

If you’re registered as a subscriber to access PEXA via another sponsor, you can change your method of access by completing a Change PEXA sponsor form.

Contact our Customer Service Centre on or 1800 773 773 to request a copy of the form.

You’ll need to nominate our PEXA partner, GlobalX, as your ‘Incoming sponsor’ on the form. Once you’ve completed the required details, email the form to us, and we’ll submit the request to PEXA on your behalf. PEXA will advise all parties when the change is complete.

How do I lodge a priority notice for a Qld property?

You can submit a priority notice form online to have a priority notice lodged on your behalf through ‘QLD priority notice lodgement’.

You’ll need an authority letter for GlobalX to sign and electronically lodge on your organisation’s behalf. A template for the required details to provide on the letter of authority is available on the Qld settlement notices input screen.

To lodge a Qld priority notice:

  1. Send the letter of authority signed by the appropriate person in your organisation to our settlements partner, GlobalX.
  2. Complete a Priority Notice Form (unsigned), which you’ll upload to your order when you complete the details on the Qld settlement notices input screen.

GlobalX will retain the letter of authority for future use for any further settlement notices lodged by your organisation.

How do I retrieve any results stored online (including Priority Notice Lodgement Advice and Final Searches)?

Go to ‘View my results (intelli-Doc)’ on the National settlement services menu. Search for documents using the date range, keyword and file reference search fields.

You can also email and save documents.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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Phone 1800 773 773