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Alcohol result

Result of the blood alcohol test.



Person killed or injured in a road traffic crash.

Casualty crash

Road traffic crash where one or more persons are killed or injured. It comprises fatal crashes and injury crashes, including those where the injury was not treated or only required first aid.

Crash description (report)

Contains information from the official police notebook(s).


Road user who is exercising control over their movements at the time of a road traffic crash. A controller can be a driver, rider or pedestrian, but not a passenger.


Damaged property

Notes any non-vehicular damage caused by the incident, such as:

  • damage to a fence or building
  • the estimated value of the damage
  • contact details for the person/company responsible for the property.


Occupant of a motor vehicle in control of it at the time of a road traffic crash and can include riders of an animal.


Enforcement action

Result of any charges laid by the QPS relating to an incident.


Fatal crash

Casualty crash where one or more persons die within 30 days of the crash as a result of injuries sustained in the crash.


Person who dies within 30 days as a result of injuries sustained in a road traffic crash.


Incident scene and event (report)

Contains information about:

  • date / time range of the incident (occurred between)
  • location (on street/highway, at intersection with, at intersection)
  • speed limit
  • atmospheric conditions
  • traffic control
  • road surface
  • horizontal alignment
  • visibility conditions
  • road conditions
  • lighting conditions
  • roadway feature
  • vertical alignment
  • number of lanes
  • off/on road.


Types include fatal, injury (admitted hospital), injury (medical treatment – not admitted), minor (first aid or no treatment) or non-injury.

Injury crash

Non-fatal casualty crash where one or more persons are hospitalised, receive medical treatment or receive first aid.



Rider or pillion passenger of a motorcycle at the time of a road traffic crash.


Occurrence (report)

Contains information about:

  • reporting station
  • division occurred in
  • Forensic Crash Unit (FCU) investigating (y/n)
  • incident status
  • entered on
  • severity of crash
  • police vehicle involved (y/n)
  • attended scene (y/n)
  • sketch plan (y/n)
  • photos taken (y/n)
  • number of units involved.



Any occupant of a motor vehicle except the driver at the time of a road traffic crash. Pillion passengers on motorcycles and pedal cycles are included with riders of motorcycles and pedal cycles respectively.

Pedal cyclist

Rider or pillion passenger of a pedal cycle at the time of a road traffic crash.


Any person who is not a driver, rider or passenger at the time of a road traffic crash. It can include a person on roller-skates, roller blades or a skateboard.

Person killed or injured (victims)

Contains details on any casualties from the incident, including but not limited to:

  • name, address, gender, contact details and date of birth
  • nature of injury, seating position, severity and hospital admitted to
  • existence/use of a restraint, helmet or airbag
  • for deceased victims (fatalities), the time and date of death.



Queensland Police Records and Information Management Exchange.

QPRIME number

Number used in the QPRIME system to record a specific incident.

The format for a QPRIME number:

  • ‘QP’
  • followed by the last two digits of the year, for example 2009 = ’09’
  • followed by the 8-digit incident number

An example is QP0912345678.


Road traffic crash

Crash reported to the police which results from the movement of one or more road vehicles on a road, and causes death or injury to any person, or causes property damage. It comprises casualty crashes and property damage only crashes.

Road user

Motor vehicle driver, animal rider, motorcyclist, passenger or pedestrian.


Serious injury

Injury where a person is hospitalised or receives medical treatment as a result of a road traffic crash.



Refers to the traffic incident reporting system. This database in which details of Queensland traffic incidents, occurring prior to 20 June 2006 were electronically stored, transferred to QPRIME in August 2006.

Towed vehicles (report)

Details any vehicles requiring towing from the scene of the accident.



Participant vehicle or pedestrian in an accident.

Unit controller

Driver, rider, or pedestrian.

Unit details (report)

Contains extensive details on each unit in an incident including but not limited to the following.

Criteria Document availability
  • Registration number and state
  • Make
  • Model
  • Colour
  • Ownership details
  • Name
  • Address
  • Licence number and type (contributing to the incident)
  • Company
  • Address
  • Contact details
Crash details
  • Occupants
  • Collision details/location
  • Alcohol results
  • Traffic violations
  • Vehicle defects
  • Excessive speed

It also details whether or not the vehicle was:

  • used for commercial purposes
  • engaged in towing
  • carrying dangerous goods.


Versions (report)

Contains the free text description of the incident according to a participant in, or witness to, the incident, identified by their name and type of involvement.


Witnesses (report)

Cannot be a vehicle controller but can be an occupant of a vehicle in the incident.

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