Valid plan prefixes

Code Type Description
C Community plan Community division, dividing land into lots and common property under the Community Titles Act 1996 (SA).
D Deposited plan Deposited in the land titles office, including plans of amalgamation and division and plans lodged under the Roads Opening and Closing Act 1991 (SA) and the Crown Land Management Act 2009 (SA).
F Filed plan Filed in the land titles office, for example, a plan for easement purposes.
G General Registry Office (GRO) plan Old subdivisions lodged in the 1800s over NUA land or plans for leasing purposes.
H Hundred plan Depicts the original subdivisions of the state.
H Out of hundred plan Depicts the original subdivisions of the state not within the hundreds.
R Road plan Lodged with the land titles office depicting road openings and closings pursuant to the Roads Opening and Closing Act.
S Strata plan Divides land into units and common property under the Strata Titles Act 1988 (SA).
T Town plan Depicts the original subdivision of a government town.

Valuation title reference prefixes

Code Type Description
CT Certificate of title* Document or certificate issued pursuant to the Real Property Act 1886 (SA), which certifies that the person named as the registered proprietor has title to the land described on the certificate.
CT Community title* Certificate of title for:

  • community lot
  • community strata lot
  • development lot
  • common property in a community plan.
CL Crown lease* Lease of crown land authorised by statute (for example, the Crown Land Management Act). Crown leases are issued in duplicate and are dealt with in a similar way to certificates of title.
CR Crown record Computerised record of unalienated crown land.
LT Limited title Certificate of title issued as part of the conversion process from the old system, where either survey data or proof of ownership is insufficient to issue a regular certificate of title.

* The certificate of title, community title and crown lease can be either manual (paper) or electronic (computerised).

Valuation categories

Type/acronym Description
Capital Land value including all improvements permanently attached to the ground (such as buildings and sheds). The capital value is used by rating authorities as the basis for the levying of rates, taxes and other imposts.

Ratings authorities determine this value annually based on the analysis of market evidence.

GRO The General Registry Office:

  • registers or enrols dealings with old system land
  • accepts various plans and written documents concerning land for deposit, sale and perpetual custody
  • registers miscellaneous other dealings such as bills of sale and stock mortgages.
LTO/LTRO Land titles office or land titles registration office.
Notional Aim to retain primary production uses on land where there is pressure to alter the use away from this. The notional value will disregard any potential enhancements to value including existing land divisions.
NUA Not under act (NUA) is land granted by the Crown in fee simple by a land grant before 2 July 1858 and which hasn’t subsequently been brought under the Real Property Act. Dealings with such land are registered in the GRO.
RPA The Real Property Act governs the registration of dealings with land held under the Torrens system.
TATS The Torrens automated title system (TATS) is the system employed in all Australian jurisdictions under which title to land is conferred by the official registration of a dealing in that land.

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