NT land searches

A NT land search provides the following information, where available:

  • search certificate (commonly referred to as a certificate of title)
  • title diagram
  • records of administrative interests and information.

Simply submit your order online, and we’ll process your request. Our Customer Service Centre will email your result within one business day.

View a sample NT land search result.

Will charges apply if no results return?

Yes, no result is considered a result and is therefore chargeable. We don’t refund manual document ordering searches, as we fulfill these searches.

What search criteria should I use?

You can search by one of the following:

  • title reference
  • address
  • owner
  • property
  • survey plan (ensure you include a prefix in your search)
  • tenure type.

Search by survey plan

Enter your reference, lot number and survey plan. For the survey plan, ensure you include a prefix.

Most survey plans have the prefix S, L or LTO (depending on the type) followed by two or four numbers for the year and three digits for the plan number (for example, S85/123 or LTO2020/123).

What information will I receive from a search certificate?

A search certificate (commonly referred to as a certificate of title) produces a time-stamped record from the NT land titles office showing information for the subject property. Details that may appear on a certificate include:

  • date registered
  • volume and folio details
  • duplicate certificate issued information
  • property description
  • area
  • owner details
  • dealings (including registered date, dealing number and description)
  • title diagram.

If the title that you’ve requested is cancelled, we’ll provide you with the most current title instead. However, if only a cancelled title is available, you’ll receive that.

What will I receive in the record of administrative interests and information report?

This details the parcel reference and information from the following custodians (where available):

Registrar General

  • Area under title
  • Tenure details
  • Easements
  • Scheme and body corporate name
  • Reserved names
  • Unit entitlements
  • Transfers
  • Historical title details

Surveyor General

  • Address
  • Survey plan reference and status
  • Parcel status and area
  • Parent parcels
  • Map reference
  • Proposed easements
  • Survey and parcel comments
  • Local government area and region

Valuer General

  • Owner’s last known address
  • Unimproved capital values

Property purchasing

  • Acquisitions

Building Advisory Service

  • Building control areas
  • Building permit details

Town Planning and Development Assessment Services

  • Planning scheme zone
  • Overlays
  • Strategic frameworks
  • Interim development control orders
  • Planning notes
  • Planning applications

Power and Water Corporation

  • Meters on parcel

Pool Fencing Unit

  • Swimming pool/spa status

Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade

  • Mineral titles
  • Energy titles
  • Land access agreements


  • Pastoral land permits
  • Site contamination assessment results
  • Heritage listings

View a sample NT land search result.

The record of administrative interests and information report is not part of the land register and is not guaranteed.

The Northern Territory Government accepts no liability for any omission, misstatement or inaccuracy contained in this statement.

How do I receive results?

Your results will be sent via email.

If you don’t receive an email within 24 hours of your order, contact our Customer Service Centre and quote your Confirm reference. This is on your order confirmation.

How can I update my delivery details?

From the delivery profile screen that displays when you start a search, you can:

  • update your profile
  • temporarily override your profile details.

For further information, refer to our Profiles support page.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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For more information on how to search, view our NT land searches user guide.