Dealing details search

What will I get from a South Australian dealing details search?

A South Australian dealing details search provides information about the dealing including:

  • lodgement date
  • lodgement party
  • consideration and benefitting party.

Dealings are transactions that have been recorded on the title.

View a sample dealing details search result.

This search doesn’t provide an imaged copy of the dealing. For an imaged copy, complete a dealing image search.

What do I provide for a search?

You’ll need a dealing number. This is a unique number, either equal or less than ten digits, issued for each transaction lodged at the land titles office.

If you don’t have the dealing number, we recommend you do a title history search to obtain a list of all dealings lodged against a title.

What can I use the result for?

  • Obtain details on a dealing that may not be registered
  • Locate party names for deposited Power of Attorney dealings

How will I receive my results?

You have multiple options to obtain your results once you’ve completed your search and arrived at the My results page.

For example, you can:

  • download the result as a PDF as soon as it returns from Land Services SA
  • request an email containing your result as a PDF attachment.

Your search results are stored in your Confirm inbox/My results section of the Confirm website for 30 calendar days. A link to this section is in the Confirm header menu available on all pages. Specifically, select the Application ‘SALO – SA Land Searches’ and enter date and time details to see your past SA land search results.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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For more information on how to search, view our SA land searches user guide.