Historical title search

A historical title will provide current information as well as a list of any dealings registered, since the title transferred to the Automated Titles System (ATS). The search provides information such as past owners or changes to land descriptions.

View a sample historical title search result.

The result summary page will display a list of Other related searches that are available. A separate fee will apply to each item you select.

Select the items to order and click $ Search $. The Other related searches result screen will display.

Select the ‘Completed’ links to view the search results.

How will I receive my search results?

Results will be immediately available via the result screen. Simply select ‘Completed’ to view results in PDF format.

Results will also be in the Confirm inbox for up to 30 calendar days. You can retrieve, print or save the result again at no extra cost.

You can also choose to receive a result via email.

If you have a default profile with an email address, your address will be auto-filled. Visit Profiles for more information.

How does this information differ from an imaged or automated title?

  • An imaged title is a ‘snapshot’ of the title as it was in 1994/1995.
  • An automated title is an extract from the ATS showing the current information for a title at the time of your request. The ATS is updated as required.
  • A historical title lists the changes to the title, so that you can easily track them.

How can I tell when a title was first created?

The title reference gives an indication of when the title was created.

Title reference numbers beginning with 1, 2 or 3 are sometimes referred to as paper titles. They were created before 1994 and are now imaged.

Title reference numbers beginning with a 5 (or higher) have been created since 1994. They are called computer titles, because they were immediately entered into the ATS and have never been ‘paper’.

How do I obtain historical details for titles created since 1994?

A historical title will show all the changes for a title since it was entered on the ATS (1994) to the present. Titles created since 1994 were entered straight onto the ATS, so every change since the title’s creation will be on the historical title (except for current title information).

How do I obtain historical details for titles created before 1994?

Historical information before 1994 is on the imaged title. For titles created before 1994, to obtain a complete historical record, order copies of the imaged title and historical title.

To order imaged titles, select title under Order images on the Qld lands menu.

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