Vic crime incident reports

What are Vic crime incident report searches?

Victorian crime reports are documents about a crime reported to Victoria Police. Certified agents can access crime incident reports via our document ordering system.

Your order is submitted online and processed by the Victorian Police. Victoria Police aims to return results within four working days of receipt of an order, subject to availability.

You’ll receive your result by fax or post. Or, you can pick up the documents from the Victoria Police headquarters in person. Types of offences you can request from Victoria Police are:

  • burglary
  • theft
  • theft of motor vehicle
  • criminal damage
  • criminal damage by fire
  • lost property.

What information is available in a crime incident report?

The crime incident report contains applicable information under the following standard headings:

  • victim
  • offender
  • recovered motor vehicle
  • modus operandi
  • summary
  • person to be notified
  • property
  • stolen motor vehicle
  • incident.

The information available for a crime depends on various factors. These can include severity, witness reports and other statements; modus operandi; property reports (stolen and/or damaged); complainant information and level of police involvement.

Can anyone access crime incident reports?

Only certified agents, such as a loss assessor, insurance company or solicitor can gain access to the Victorian Police crime incident report system.

You cannot pass information from crime incident reports onto anyone without a bona fide interest in the incident. Providing an organisation name in your delivery profile is mandatory.

Why is an extra user ID and password required to access Vic crime incident reports?

The information in the Victoria Police crime database is confidential and may not be disclosed to unauthorised persons. User IDs provide extra security to Victoria Police and crime system users.

Victoria Police approves each organisation and individual before they can access this system. Details of all transactions are automatically recorded and use of this system constitutes consent to security monitoring.

Do not permit anyone to use your user-ID and password. Always log out of the system after your enquiry (at least back to the warning screen), and regularly change your password.

What should I enter in the claim/file number, reason for access, representing and your reference fields?

On the enquiry search screen, the information you enter will be stored in the database transaction logs. Victoria Police may retrieve these logs for information audits or other purposes.

The claim/file number can be any information to help identify your interest in the report. Organisations acting on behalf of another party should enter their relationship (for example, insurer) as the ‘Reason for access’ and their client’s name in the ‘Representing’ field.

The ‘Your reference’ field has two functions:

  1. to enter a file number or reference used by your organisation to identify files/claims/cases
  2. to search for any new information about recovered property or solved crimes.

What search criteria should I use to get the best results?

Enter as much information as possible to ensure you receive your desired results. The following fields are the minimum criteria to complete a search:

Incident Type

  • Select an incident type from the list available.

Date of the offence

  • Enter the date as DDMMYYYY (for example 01092002).

Full name of the person who reported the offence

  • Enter the surname and given name of the person who reported the offence.

Address where the offence occurred

  • Enter at least the street name and the suburb/town details.

Date reported

  • Enter the date as DDMMYYYY (for example 01092002).

Search tips

  • When entering a street, include only the name, not the street type. For example, input Edward, not Edward Street.
  • Enter as much information as possible. Information such as street or unit number, postcode and Melways reference will assist to retrieve the correct crime incident report.

How can I keep track of the orders I submit?

A receipt is available for each order and notes the search criteria and Confirm reference for the search. This reference displays on the covering page of faxed and mailed results.

Keep the receipt as a record of your searches. The inbox displays your orders status from Order, In progress and then to Completed. A document order is complete when all order components are dispatched.

Selecting the status link for a document displays the receipt produced when the order was created. Orders remain in the inbox for 90 days after completion.

The search results are unavailable through the inbox, as they’re processed offline.

How can I update my delivery details?

Before each search, you‘ll need to:

  1. Select a delivery method.
  2. Identify a delivery profile (details of the person who will receive the results).

A drop-down list will show all profiles related to your account code. To use an existing profile, select it from the list and then next.

To add to this list, or to change a profile, select the New/Modify/Delete/Copy icons. This will open a new browser window where you can add or update details then save them for future use.

Please check that your profile details are current and correct.

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