Water documents

If your account doesn’t have access to these services, an error message will show when you attempt to use a service.

Access to Vic land searches and Vic conveyancing is restricted to clients that have signed the current Customer Agreement.

Further restrictions apply to the Vic land index search – Search by owner name. To access this search, you must also sign the LANDATA® Deed of Grant in addition to the Customer Agreement.

Email the completed form/s to your CITEC Confirm contact or our Business Support at confirm.businesssupport@citec.com.au.

What certificates can I order through water document searches?

The following certificates are available through Vic water document searches:

  • water share record
  • water register documents.

What do I get from a water share record?

Vic water share records provide the following information:

  • water share description
  • current year allocation
  • water share owner(s)
  • water share association
  • land description
  • recorded interests
  • applications.

What water register documents can I order?

You can order the following Vic water register documents:

  • Water Share (Transfer)
  • Limited Term Transfer (Issue)
  • Limited Term Transfer (Surrender)
  • Mortgage (Create)
  • Mortgage (Discharge)
  • Mortgage (Variation)
  • Mortgage (Priority)
  • Mortgage (Transfer)
  • Change of Ownership
  • Change of Ownership (Survivorship)
  • Change of Ownership (Trustee in Bankruptcy)
  • Water Division Transfer.

What search criteria should I use to order a water document?

Vic water share records have a prefix WEE or LTE followed by six numbers, for example WEE123456 or LTE123456.

Similarly, Vic water register documents have a prefix followed by six numbers, for example MOR123456 or WET123456. View the prefixes below.

Prefix Description
WET Water Share (Transfer)
LTT Limited Term Transfer (Issue)
LTS Limited Term Transfer (Surrender)
MOR Mortgage (Create)
MOD Mortgage (Discharge)
MOV Mortgage (Variation)
MOP Mortgage (Priority)
MOT Mortgage (Transfer)
LPR Change of Ownership
SUR Change of Ownership (Survivorship)
TIB Change of Ownership (Trustee in Bankruptcy)
WDT Water Division Transfer

Can I save my order and finish later?

Yes, you can save your order and finish it later via ‘Save, finish later’. Your order will save in the Confirm inbox with the status set to ‘Saved’.

Select the order from the Confirm inbox to resume it.

How long are saved orders stored?

Orders that you save to finish later are available for seven days from the Confirm inbox. After this time, the ‘Saved’ order status will change to ‘Expired’, and you’ll need to resubmit your search.

All orders with a ‘Saved’ status will automatically change to ‘Expired’ in the Confirm inbox at midnight on 30 June every year.

How long should it take for results to return?

For a full list of turnaround times from each authority, please view the turnaround times page.

How and when will my results be available?

Results will return via the email you specified in your delivery profile. They’re also available in the Confirm inbox for up to 90 calendar days.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Our Customer Service Centre is here to help you between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone 1800 773 773
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For more information on how to search, view our Vic conveyancing user guide.