Filing results

How do I use the ‘Filing results’ option?

The ‘Filing results’ function allows you to check the status of your lodgements. For rejected lodgements, it allows you to view the reasons for rejection.

To retrieve details of filings, go to the Filing results option on the menu and search.

No charges apply to view the status your documents in Filing results.

How do I limit the results my search returns?

To view all lodgements on your account for the day, select search.

You can also search over a period of time. Just enter either:

  • date range
  • days before the current day.

To limit returned transactions, use the following search criteria in any combination.

Select a ‘Sort by’ radio button to order your results by:

  • status date (default setting)
  • document type
  • your reference
  • case description.
Search criteria Description How to search
Case number N/A Applies to documents with a status of ‘Filed only’. You can only use ‘%’ as a wildcard.
Your reference Field you enter when creating the case. Includes up to 40 characters. You can only use ‘%’ as a wildcard.
Case description Description you enter when creating the case. Includes up to 40 characters. You can only use ‘%’ as a wildcard.
Document status Document statuses include issued, rejected, pending or hold. Select any combination of these.
Date filed N/A Filter to either:

  • today
  • in the last certain number of days
  • a date range.
Document type N/A Select from the list.

A Filing results search will return a single record or a browse list of matching records showing:

  • case number
  • case description
  • your reference
  • document type
  • Form 28 Filing Confirmation Notice (if available)
  • status and status date.

To view an uploaded document, select the link of the case number. You can print the Form 28 Filing Confirmation Notice for any document that needs the court seal.

Simply select the appropriate link (Y), then use your browser’s print button.

You cannot submit an extra filing or add/change a party within Filing results.

Can I search for cases/documents that other practitioners under my account have filed?

Yes, you can check on the filing result status of a case/document that another practitioner under your account has lodged.

How do I view and print the Court seal/Filing confirmation notice for a document?

Filed documents with an associated Court seal/Filing confirmation notice will have a ‘Y’ under Form 28. Selecting this link opens a new window with the Filing Confirmation Notice (Form 28).

This includes:

  • case details
  • electronic copy of the court seal
  • confirmed validity of the issued document by the County Court of Victoria
  • deemed date/time of the document issue.

The addressee information collected when a Subpoena Filed (civil) or a 42AA Subpoena to Registrar is eFiled also displays on the Form 28. This is to verify that the subpoena, with that particular addressee, was successfully eFiled.

Court seal on a Writ

The court seal on a Writ embeds in the document once the court deems that it is filed.

You can obtain the document via the case number link in the filing results.

You can only print the Filing confirmation notice (Form 28) once the status for that court lodgement is set to ‘Filed’.

Can I use the Filing confirmation notice (Form 28) as proof of payment of my court fees?

Yes, you may present the Filing confirmation notice, at the start of the court session, as proof of payment of the applicable court fee.

Simply select the ‘Y’ link under Form 28 to access and print the Filing Confirmation Notice (Form 28) once the status for that court fee lodgement is set to ‘Filed’.

What do the eFiling Status codes mean?

Five possible status codes are available for an eFiling – filed, rejected, pending, hold and accepted.

Status code Description
Filed Court-reviewed and accepted lodgements or lodgements that don’t need review.
Rejected Court-reviewed lodgements that the court has not yet accepted.
Pending Lodgements awaiting court review.
Hold Created and saved lodgements that haven’t been sent to the court.
Accepted Denotes an issue with the filing that we need to resolve before the status can be either filed or rejected.

If necessary, we’ll contact you with further instructions.

Selecting the ‘Rejected’ link in the status column will display the reasons provided by the court for rejecting a document.

You can refile documents. You won’t be charged again for refiling the document.

Correcting rejected documents should occur from either:

  • Create case (for originating motions and writs)
  • Additional filing
  • Add or change party.

What does the ‘Status date’ represent?

The ‘Status date’ shows the date and time at which an action occurred for a document. If the status is ‘Filed’ or ‘Rejected’, the date/time will show when the court processed that document.

Pending documents display the date/time we received the filing. ‘Hold’ documents display the date/time that they were placed on hold.

Can I remove a document from hold on this screen?

You can remove a document from the Hold status through ‘Filing results’.

  1. Select ‘Hold’. This will display an input screen (either Create case/Add or change party or Additional filing, depending on the document) pre-filled with the case details.
  2. From these screens, you can modify case or document details and either submit the document or put it on hold again.

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