Building details search

A South Australian building details search provides information about the dwelling on the property, such as:

  • year it was built
  • building style
  • roof construction.

View a sample building details search result.

What do I provide for a search?

You can search by:

Volume/folio (title reference)

This method will search the title registry for an exact match. You should only use this method if you’re certain that the volume/folio details you have will return the result you require.

Simply select the appropriate title register, then enter the volume/folio number.

Plan and parcel

To search by plan and parcel, simply select the plan type and enter at least the plan number.

The format for a plan reference is generally numbers. However, some plan references may include uppercase letters.

A parcel number is optional but can help narrow your search.

Valuation number

To search by valuation number, include it in the appropriate field.

The valuation number is ten digits and may include an asterisk. It can also be referred to as an assessment number.

We’ll retrieve the title with the related valuation. The valuation will either be current or cancelled.

What can I use the result for?

  • Appraise property
  • Obtain a summary of building details for a property

Will charges apply if I receive no results?

Yes, ‘no result’ is considered a result and is therefore chargeable. We don’t refund manual document ordering searches, as we fulfill these searches.

How will I receive my results?

Your results will be sent via email.

If you don’t receive an email within 24 hours of your order, contact our Customer Service Centre.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Our Customer Service Centre is here to help you between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone 1800 773 773

For more information on how to search, view our SA land searches user guide.