Property certificates

What certificates can I order?

The following certificates are available through our Vic property certificates product:

  • Aboriginal Heritage Register (Priority) Crown Electronic Instrument Search
  • Annexure A
  • Building Approval (Priority) 326 (1)
  • Building Approval (Priority) 326 (2)
  • Building Approval (Priority) 326 (1)(2)
  • Building Approval 326 (1)
  • Building Approval 326 (2)
  • Building Approval 326 (1)(2)
  • Commemorative Title Certificates (Authentic or Portfolio) – framed
  • Commemorative Title Certificates (Authentic or Portfolio) – unframed
  • Copy of Crown Diagram
  • Copy of Plan
  • Copy of Title
  • Crown Cancelled Folio Search
  • Crown Dealings on Folio
  • Crown Electronic Instrument Search
  • Crown Folio Statement (Title)
  • Crown History Search
  • Crown Instrument Search
  • Electronic Instrument
  • Encumbrance Plan
  • Extract of Priority Sites Register
  • Flood Level
  • Heritage Certificate (Sec 50)
  • Heritage Certificate (Sec 50) – Urgent
  • History Search
  • Imaged Cancelled Title
  • Instrument Search
  • Land Index Search
  • Land Information Certificate
  • Land Information Certificate (Priority)
  • Land Tax Certificate
  • Owners Corporation Basic Report
  • Owners Corporation Premium Report
  • Planning Certificate
  • Planning Certificate (Priority)
  • Planning Certificate Express
  • Property Transaction Alert (3 months)
  • Property Transaction Alert (6 months)
  • Property Transaction Alert (12 months)
  • Register Search Statement (Title)
  • Section 151 Certificate from Owners Corporation
  • Section 151 Certificate from Owners Corporation (Priority)
  • Sewers and Drains Plan
  • Special Meter Reading
  • Survey Report
  • Stormwater legal point of discharge
  • VicRoads Certificate
  • VicRoads Survey Field Notes
  • VicRoads Survey Plan Diagram
  • Water Information (Priority)
  • Water Information and Special Meter Reading
  • Water Information Statement
  • Water Register Document
  • Water Share Record

What search criteria should I use to order a property certificate?

You’ll need certain information depending on your search type. The search types include:

  • lots on plan
  • volume/folio number
  • street address
  • council property number
  • standard parcel identifier
  • crown allotment.

Learn about the search criteria required for each search type in the below table.

Search type Valid criteria
Lot on plan
  • Lot number (up to 3 digits)
  • Plan type (2 alpha characters)
  • Plan number (up to 5 digits)

For example: 123 PS12345.

Volume/folio number
  • Volume number (1 – 5 digits)
  • Forward slash (/)
  • Folio number (3 digits)

For example: 13245/123.

Street address
  • Unit/Flat number (where applicable)
  • Street number
  • Street name
  • Street type
  • Suburb/Town/Locality
  • Postcode

For example: 123 Smith Street Melbourne 3000.

Council property number
  • Council property number
  • Municipality

For example: 1234567890.

Standard parcel identifier
  • Lot number (up to 3 digits)
  • Backslash (\)
  • Plan type
  • Plan number (up to 5 digits)

For example: 123\PS12345.

Or, you can enter in the following way:

  • Plan type
  • Plan number (up to 6 digits)

For example: CP123456.

Crown allotment
  • Crown allotment number
  • Section number
  • Parish or Township

For example: 12B L1 Township of Beechworth.

Note if you don’t supply a title reference, the provider may complete an extra land index search on your behalf.

Where this occurs, you may receive a Land index search surcharge. This information will display when you select a certificate to order.

If you need a special water meter reading, enter the desired date of the reading.

Are any extra criteria required to get a land tax certificate?

When you order a land tax certificate, you’ll need extra information. The details include:

  • the reason for application
  • settlement date
  • vendor details
  • purchaser details.

If you don’t have the vendor details, you can obtain them from an online Vic title search.

Can I confirm property details on a map?

You can verify a property by selecting ‘View and confirm on map’ on the ‘Confirm property’ screen. The map will display your selected property with a diagram of surrounding properties.

Select an alternate address on the map to change the selected property. You can then confirm the details of the new address on the ‘Confirm property’ screen.

How will I know which property certificates are available for a property?

The information for a given property depends on the town, suburb or locality where it sits. Based on the information you enter, the available certificate list displays.

If multiple authorities appear for a certificate type, you’ll need to identify which authority applies to your property.

What is a certificate warning?

A property certificate may have a warning associated with its use. This usually appears as a red exclamation icon in the certificate list next to the certificate name.

After you select a certificate with a warning, a dialogue box will appear. Select ‘OK’ to acknowledge that you’ve read and accept the warning.

This will enable you to continue with your order.

Is there a reduced delivery fee when you order multiple certificates?

After ordering 7 chargeable certificates, additional certificates will not incur a delivery fee. For more information, please visit the Fees page.

Can I save my order and finish later?

You can save your order and finish it later via the ‘Save, finish later’ button. After you select this button, your order saves in the Confirm inbox with the status set to ‘Saved’.

Select the order from the inbox to resume it.

How long are saved orders stored?

Orders you save for later are available for 7 days from the Confirm inbox. After this time, the ‘Saved’ order status will change to ‘Expired’.

You’ll need to resubmit the order if you wish to complete it.

All orders with a ‘Saved’ status will automatically change to ‘Expired’ in the Confirm inbox at midnight on 30 June every year.

How long should it take for results to return?

For a full list of turnaround times from each authority, please view the Vic conveyancing turnaround times page.

How will my results return?

Results will return via the delivery method you specified in your delivery profile. The two delivery options available are email and fax.

How will I receive my results?

Results are available in the Confirm inbox for up to 90 calendar days.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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