CITEC’s data centres are now officially certified for ISO 27001.

“This is a significant achievement,” says Suzanne Stone, Executive Director of CITEC Confirm.

“ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that CITEC’s information security management systems align with international best-practices.

“Keeping CITEC ISO certified lets us continually identify and eliminate risks, comply with the needs of all users large and small, and continue our endeavour to be a reliable delivery source of up-to-date information in a prompt and efficient manner.

“Through CITEC Confirm we provide approved customers with secure access to sensitive information, making information security management an essential part of our business model,” advises Suzanne.

CITEC Confirm is the trusted provider of online Queensland Police property crime and traffic incident reports, and also provides Queensland motor vehicle registration information to approved parties. These are just some of the secure services available to approved customers.

In addition, CITEC has also retained certification of its Quality Management System, a certification that CITEC has held for over 24 years.

The annual audit for Quality Management was conducted with an additional focus on the updated standard (ISO9001:2015). The high level of assurance and control in CITEC’s quality management systems was acknowledged by the auditors, BSI Group.

“Maintaining our certification requires continuous improvement to be a priority, which is fundamental to the successful operation of our business. These certifications demonstrate CITEC’s commitment to delivering world leading information brokerage and ICT services to our customers,” added Suzanne.

“This is not just a point in time result – it is a result of the ongoing commitment to providing excellent services to our clients that is embedded into everything that we do,” noted Suzanne.