The new industry training program supports transition to mandated eConveyancing in SA, on 3 August 2020.

This month, Deputy Registrar General of Land Services SA, Ms Cristina Florea, announced a new eConveyancing Industry Training Program.

The training contains videos to help South Australian property practitioners understand the key requirements of eConveyancing. Both Land Services SA and Revenue SA developed the training videos including:

  • Legal framework overview including the Participation Rules and Operating Requirements
  • Verification of Identity Requirements
  • Verification of Authority Requirements (Right to Deal)
  • Client Authorisation
  • Certifications
  • RevenueSA Fee Payments
  • Compliance Examinations and Retention of Evidence
  • Exempt Dealings
  • How Requisitions work in eConveyancing.

The videos are available on the Land Services SA Industry Education Hub webpage.

In addition, Land Services SA have commenced a monthly webinar series for property industry professionals. Webinar information is available in the Industry Education Hub. The recording of the first webinar, Certifications, is now available.

For any training enquiries, contact Land Services SA at